Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to do Marriage

Andy Naselli links to a talk given by Tim and Kathy Keller on the marriage relationship. I've not listened to the question and answer section, part 2 but I just finished part 1 and it is excellent. It's the most helpful stuff on marriage I've ever heard/read and I highly recommend it for anyone (anyone who's Christian that is, since that's the starting point). I wish I had heard it sooner in our marriage. If you have a spare hour or two, or can make one available, this is a definite must-listen.

The talk necessarily involves complementarian-egalitarian discussion. This is the best I've heard from complementarians as they do an excellent job defining, expounding, and qualifying the complementarian viewpoint of marriage roles, even to a compelling degree. Both complementarians and egalitarians would do well to listen.

If you don't care about such stuff, that's ok because the majority of discussion is simple and profound practical talk about how to do marriage and I think it's incisive.

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